Understand About Private Universities

Understand About Private Universities – Currently, many Private Universities can compete with state universities. It is proven by the number of students who choose private universities as their campus of choice. Some of them are even listed as the best universities in Indonesia. Not surprisingly, PTS enthusiasts are getting higher from time to time. for those of you who are hesitant to enter PTS, it’s a good idea to start eliminating that feeling.

The reason is, the quality of PTS is also no less good, you know, compared to PTN! What’s more, there are currently many of the best private universities in Indonesia that could be your choice when you enter college. So, do you understand the meaning of private universities? What are the private universities in Indonesia? Without further ado, let’s discuss one by one!

Understanding Private Universities

You must have often heard of Private Universities or PTS. However, what does it mean? The definition of a private university itself is a university whose establishment and management is carried out by the community that forms an organization or organizing body. The organization is already a legal entity.

Meanwhile, the difference with PTN or State Higher Education lies in the body that established it because PTN was established by the state or government. Private universities or PTS can be in the form of polytechnics, academies, institutes, high schools, or universities.

The entrance test for private universities is not much different from PTN. Elo will also be faced with a written exam when he wants to register himself at PTS. However, private universities are not registered directly in UTBK like PTN.

Facts About Private Colleges

Studying at private universities is very good as long as you can choose the right campus and major. Because skills will be more needed when entering the world of work or business. Here are some facts about Private Universities that you need to know:

Easier Entrance Test

The entrance test to private universities is easier because you don’t have to take the SNMPTN. The competition is not as tight as when enrolling in State Universities. You can even enter some private universities without having to take a test. However, when choosing a private university, you should still pay attention to the quality and accreditation of the campus. In addition, find out whether the majors and study programs available on campus are following your interests and desires.

Lecture Curriculum Is Quite Competitive

Although not all PTS have better quality and accreditation than PTN, the curriculum for lectures on private campuses is no less high quality. It can be said to be equivalent to the curriculum at PTN in general. There are also private universities that have received A accreditation.

Accreditation is usually given for each department so that even one campus can have different accreditations for each department. You can compare one campus to another by looking at the accreditation value per department.

Lecture Schedule Is More Flexible

For employees who want to look for part-time studies, enrolling in a private university is the best choice. Because some campuses offer employee class lectures with a more flexible study schedule and can adapt to employee work schedules. This kind of flexibility is usually quite difficult to find in State Universities. So studying at a private university can be an option for those of you who are busy with many other activities out there, both work and business.


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