Tips for Passing Your Favorite Colleges

Tips for Passing Your Favorite Colleges – State universities are still a dream for all high school students (SMA). Apart from being relatively cheaper than private universities, public universities have a good education system and reputation from year to year. Not surprisingly, the competition to enter state universities is tight.

One person at least has to beat about twenty other people to be able to sit on the favorite college bench. If you are one of those who are struggling to get that seat, try to apply some of the following tips to pass your favorite state Colleges.

1. Determine the Choice of Study Programs Ahead of Days

Achieving a goal certainly won’t work if you don’t know where it’s going. Therefore, since the beginning of high school, you should start to determine what study program you will take in college later. Thus, during the learning process at school, your mind is already focused on aiming for a seat at your favorite public university.

When the mind is focused, of course, the preparation will be more mature to learn more about how to enter a state university that you desire. Also, try taking psychological tests aimed at career development that match your interests and talents. This will be quite helpful in determining the choice of the study program.

2. Keep Sharpening Yourself

When you know what study program you want to take, the next step is to continue to hone your skills for greater opportunities to enter your favorite university. There are many ways to hone your skills. You can just take tutoring (bimble) that has been specifically designed to target a particular university. In this day and age, many tutors focus on this.

In addition to attending tutoring, you can also take private lessons with instructors from alumni who have successfully entered the study program from the desired favorite state university. Of course, alumni will understand more about the ins and outs and special tips for entering state universities as they have experienced before.

3. Make a Plan to Take the PTN Entrance Test

To pass a favorite state university, of course, there must be a series of tests that are passed. Currently, there are usually 3 routes that can be tried, namely the SNMPTN route, the SBMPTN route, and the independent route. The SNMPTN path is a selection by looking at the value of academic reports while in school. If a high school student is ranked in the top 5 in his class, and his grades continue to improve from time to time, then this SNMPTN path is a must-try.

The SNMPTN pathway is also known as the no-test route, and purely academic report cards are used as material for selection.

The SBMPTN pathway is a selection with a written test. This test is held simultaneously around May or June every year, before the start of new teaching.

The SBMPTN pathway is no less strict. Usually, there are two SBMPTN test materials, namely TPA (Academic Potential Test), and the choice of IPA or IPS. This test is done in just one day, but of course, requires hundreds of days of preparation in advance.

Finally, the independent path that is opened by the university is usually after the SBMPTN test is completed. This pathway is also in the form of a test with a level of difficulty similar to the SBMPTN.

This the review article about Tips for Passing Your Favorite Colleges, hopefully useful.

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