Understand More Clearly The College

Understand More Clearly The College – In today’s era, studying at university seems to be an obligation, because it is considered one of the ways to get a better life in the future. university, starting from the meaning, purpose, type, to form. What is a College, what is the purpose of its existence, what are its types, and what form does it take? Find out the answers to these questions by listening to the explanation below.

Definition Of College

As stated in Wikipedia, tertiary institutions are educational units that provide higher education. The students are called students, while the teaching staff is called lecturers.

College Goals

The formation of universities is not without purpose. According to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 12 of 2012, in article 1 point 2, it is written that the purpose of higher education is to provide higher education which includes diploma programs, undergraduate programs, master programs, doctoral programs, and professional programs, as well as specialist programs. , based on Indonesian culture.

Type Of College

Based on the type, universities are divided into two:

  • State universities or commonly abbreviated as PTN, namely universities whose implementation is carried out by the government.
  • Private universities or commonly abbreviated as PTS, namely universities whose implementation is carried out by private parties.

College Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of college graduates:

Open Insight And Broaden Knowledge

The next benefit of higher education is to broaden knowledge and open horizons. Intellectual abilities will be honed during the student’s college period. Various college materials can add to your knowledge. Moreover, all of this is not only obtained in class, but also activities outside of college hours.

If you study in big cities that have excellent campuses, the opportunity to broaden your horizons will increase. This is because favorite universities often have foreign or out-of-region students. The more you interact with different people, the more knowledge will develop. You will realize that the world is very wide and there is still a lot that is unknown.

Improve Useful Skills

Not only aim to expand knowledge, but college can also improve skills. For example, the ability to speak in public, negotiate, debate healthy, manage, problems solving, and be interpersonal. Skills honed are useful for increasing competitiveness, expanding job opportunities, and making you more confident.

Get As Many Relationships As Possible

Studying anywhere will allow you to connect with more people. Students will also be met with friends from various races, ethnicities, cultures, languages, and religions. The campus is a very strategic place to get to know each other and build relationships. Various ways can be done to achieve this goal. For example, participating in campus activities or organizations, maintaining ethics, and being friendly.

Providing Benefits To Children And Families

The purpose of college, of course, is not only focusing on yourself, but also other people. Not to mention, sharing positive knowledge is very useful and makes life better. This also applies to those of you who build a household and have children.

Children must have been educated and guided since childhood to become superior human resources. If you do not have broad insight and knowledge, it will certainly be difficult to nurture children. On the other hand, the knowledge from the college education that has been undertaken will inspire your family.


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