Tuition Financing and Some Basic Necessities in Canada

Tuition Financing and Some Basic Necessities in Canada – Located in the Americas, Canada is quite popular in terms of the country of choice for international students to continue their studies. Canada’s education system is one of the strongest and best in the world. Therefore, if you want to continue your studies abroad, Canada is very likely for you to be your destination.

With Canada’s education system, to date, there are 97 universities, colleges, and educational institutions that you can choose to continue your studies in Canada. You can see the full list in the list of universities in Canada. Although in terms of the Canadian education system, one of the best, one surprising fact is that the cost of studying there is very affordable. When compared to the cost of studying in the UK, USA, Australia, and also New Zealand, you only need about half of it.

Amazing isn’t it? Now with the fact that the cost to study in Canada is cheap, there’s no need to be confused anymore about the problem of Financing, right? The following are some of the things that are included in the basic costs that you should think about and prepare for if you want to continue studying in Canada.

1. Tuition Fee

In terms of tuition fees in Canada, of course, there are differences between one university and another. This is true because each university has its policy in terms of fees. However, it is also worth noting that in Canada the difference in tuition fees can be due to several things.

These things include the province, level of education, and also the popularity of the university itself. This is almost the same as in Indonesia where universities that are classified as favorites will very likely require higher funding than those that are not so favorite.

2. Cost of Living

Compared to other cities like New York and London, the cost of living in many Canadian cities is still friendlier. Of course, in terms of living costs, there are several kinds of costs that you must always prepare every time regularly.


Generally in the first year of study in Canada, international students will live on campus. Residence on campus is known as residence or rez. In addition, there are also campus dormitories which are referred to as dormitories or just dorms. Although living in a dormitory provided by the campus to be shared with other students, the facilities provided are very complete and guaranteed.

The facilities provided include a kitchen, washing machine, and sitting room so that students can also save money. To finance accommodation on campus, it is recommended to prepare funds of CAD 3,000 – CAD 7,000 for 1 year.


Well, this is a basic need that you have to take into account every day. In terms of food, even you will not be able to ascertain the cost. You may not eat much today, but tomorrow it’s the other way around. The various costs mentioned above are estimates only and may change because many things can affect them. In particular, for tuition fees, you can always monitor the official website of each university to find out changes in funding.

Thus the review article about Tuition Financing and Some Basic Necessities in Canada, hopefully useful.


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