Tips For Planning Education Student Financing

Encouraging children to dream high is very important. However, these goals require you to provide education funding to the highest level they can achieve. This article discusses what expenses you need to prepare for your child’s schooling and how to plan for their Education Financing. Related things that are no less important are tips on preparing the financing as early as possible.

Tips For Planning Educational Financing

The following are some things to consider when planning a budget for education.

Determine Education Level

If your child is currently in high school, plan a college education level. Do you want to get a bachelor’s degree and finish, or continue your master’s to a doctoral degree? This choice greatly affects the amount of education funding.

Discuss with your child to make the best decision. This decision is made while remaining realistic in terms of your financial capabilities, as well as the interests and abilities of the child. Give them insight into the importance of higher education. However, let the decision be in their hands.

Planning The Destination School

The type of school, location, facilities, accreditation, teacher qualifications, and the popularity of a school will determine how expensive the education costs they charge to parents. Generally, public schools offer lower funding than private schools. So, public schools can be a solution if you want a more affordable budget.

However, for public schools, especially for kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school or vocational education levels, they can only be registered at the school closest to their home. This information was obtained based on the regulations of the Minister of Education and Culture regarding the Admission of New Students for Kindergarten, Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools, and Vocational High Schools.

As for the tertiary level, it is better to plan several options; from public to private universities. A private university will be an alternative if your child does not succeed in entering a public university. in choosing a campus, in addition to considering financial capabilities, also adjust it to your child’s interests, achievements, talents, and expertise.

Tips For Preparing An Education Budget

After having a projected education budget, there are several ways to prepare these funds, starting with saving.

Education Savings

Create a special bank account to prepare savings for your child’s education, so that it is separated from other funds. If possible, set aside a few percent of your income from the first day of payday to ensure that the savings are filled regularly every month.

Gold Investment

Gold is one of the best types of investment with a stable selling value and tends to increase every year. If the savings are planned for a long period, for example, the next 5 years, you should invest it in gold. This is intended to minimize inflation.

Education Financing Assistance

Your income is not enough? Launching from, the government provides the Smart Indonesia Card program, which is financial assistance for children’s education for parents or guardians of students who have a combined gross income of at most Rp. 4 million per month or the combined income of parents or guardians divided by the number of members. the maximum result for the family is Rp. 750 thousand.


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