Tips for Finishing Lectures on Time Even though New Student Admissions

Tips for Finishing Lectures on Time Even though New Student Admissions – Graduating from college with satisfactory results or a high GPA is now not the only hope of most students. There is one more thing that is the target in undergoing college, which is to graduate as soon as possible. Yes, nowadays many students have realized that taking a long time to study is a waste.

Both in terms of time and tuition fees, it is not easy even at State Universities (PTN). For that, here are some tips so that lectures can be completed on time even though there are new student Admissions.

1. Understand Lecture Procedures Well

Know the number of credits that must be taken, how many credits can be taken based on the semester IP and what administrative matters must be fulfilled. These things are important so that you don’t miss something that can hinder your lecture activities. Understanding course procedures can also help you understand what courses are offered each semester. Knowledge of these courses will be able to help prepare you and prepare strategies for taking courses in each semester effectively and maximally.

2. Study Focus

If you are committed to graduating college on time with satisfactory results then you should focus more on your studies than spending more time with your college friends. Set aside your playing time, reduce activities that do not support your college activities, avoid the temptation to work part-time or do entrepreneurship.

The focus of study also means that you are committed to studying seriously to understand the course material well and get maximum marks. This value can be a factor that affects the speed of your graduation.

3. Maximize Semester IP, Minimum 3.00

Why does it have to be a minimum of 3.00? Because you will be able to take a large number of credits in the next semester. The more credits you take, the closer you will be to graduation. The maximum number of credits that can be taken with a 3.00 GPA in the previous semester is 24 credits. With a total of 144 credits, if you consistently take 24 credits starting in semester 2 until the end, you can take lectures in 7 semesters or only 3.5 years.

4. Take Maximum Credits Each Semester

Sometimes some students deliberately take minimal credits even though the previous semester’s IP was very adequate to take much more credits. Some of the reasons that become the basis for this include being engaged in entrepreneurship, currently working part-time at a company, wanting to rest more, being active in an organization or other activities.

If you want to graduate from college quickly, then you must commit to focusing more on your studies than other activities. It takes a lot of time, energy, and thought to complete your course. Take the maximum number of credits you can take in each semester.

5. Choose Comrades

What is meant by comrades in arms here are your college friends who have the same vision as you, namely graduating college on time with satisfactory results. The point of this point is not that you only make friends with those who are similar to you, but that you hang out and spend more time with them than anyone else. Together with your comrades in arms, you will motivate each other, share tips on maximizing grades, and encourage each other to accelerate college.

Thus the review article about tips for finishing lectures on time even though new student Admissions, hopefully useful.


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