Tips for Passing SNMPTN 2022 for Your Dream Colleges

Tips for Passing SNMPTN 2022 to Enter Your Dream Colleges – There are several ways to be accepted into state universities, one of which is through the National Selection for State University Entrance (SNMPTN) or usually called the invitation route. Through this route, you don’t need to take tests, as given at the UTBK SBMPTN, but you need to collect good report cards and certain works or portfolios as an assessment of your abilities.

In addition, school accreditation and alumni achievements at related state universities can also be a consideration for the large number of quotas that are opened to accept new students from your school. Here we will discuss the tips for passing the 2022 snmptn to enter the dream Colleges.

1. Find Out The Basic Conditions Of The SNMPTN Path

SNMPTN provides different admission quotas for each school. The quota is determined based on the school index. Well, the school index consists of several criteria, including school accreditation, alumni achievements at related state universities, the value of SBMPTN participants received in the previous year, and your school’s achievements.

Then, to fill the quota, then the ranking of students’ grades will determine. So, the higher your score, the greater the chance of being included in the SNMPTN acceptance quota from your school. The following are the provisions for the acceptance quota in the SNMPTN pathway based on school accreditation:

  • Accreditation A: 40% best in school
  • Accreditation B: best 25% in school
  • C and other accreditations: top 5% in school

2. Focusing On The Choice Of The Desired Study Program

Do you know which state university you are going to and what study program you are going to? Before registering for SNMPTN, you must first be sure of your choice. You can’t choose a state university or study program just to choose or join your friends! Try to choose a study program that suits your talents and preferences so that you are sure and will not reject it when you are later accepted through the SNMPTN route. How do you not choose the wrong major?

You can start by looking at your report cards from semesters 1 to 5. Try to see which subject scores are the most stable and increasing. To be accepted at SNMPTN, your report card score should not drop, guys. The value of subjects relevant to the major you will choose must continue to increase.

3. Have Consistent Report Cards And Other Relevant Achievements

Because there are no tests on the SNMPTN route, what will be seen as an assessment is the student’s report card scores from semester 1 to semester 5. That way, the score on the report card must be stable or consistent, not going up and down in these semesters, but rather must continue to increase. Not all subjects will be assessed for value, yes, but only subjects that are by your chosen study program.

4. Seeing The Capacity And Competitiveness

After knowing what major to choose, what’s next? The next way to pass the SNMPTN is that you have to do a lot of research. Find out your chances of graduating in the chosen study program by looking at the capacity and interest in the previous year. You can directly check on the official website of each PTN, or you can also look at our official website.

Thus the review article about tips for passing snmptn 2022 to enter your dream Colleges, hopefully useful.


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