Want to study at your favorite colleges? Apply the following SBMPTN Passing Tips

Want to study at your favorite colleges? Apply the following SBMPTN Passing Tips – To be able to get an education at a State University (PTN) is not easy. Almost all students in the country are targeting to be able to study at their favorite State Universities (PTN). So, if you also intend to continue your education at a State University (PTN), you must be ready to compete with many people.

The Joint Selection for State University Entrance or SBMPTN itself is a joint selection in the admission of new students in state universities using a national written examination pattern which has shown various advantages and advantages, both for prospective students, state universities, and national interests. The SBMPTN is a written exam that will select you so that you can be accepted at a state university with the major you choose.

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From year to year, it is known that only 15-17% of participants pass the SBMPTN. This means that the competition for SBMPTN every year is indeed very tight and only those who are strictly selected are the only ones who can finally enter the State University (PTN) of their dreams.

Before we share powerful secret SBMPTN tips, maybe we will first explain the new SBMPTN system. Because there are still few who understand how the implementation process. Come on, just look at the following reviews about tips for passing the SBMPTN in Colleges.

1. Register on the Official SBMPTN Site

Before you take the Computer-Based Writing Exam (UTBK), the first step is to register on the Official SBMPTN website here. The procedure has not been explained in detail until this writing is published. However, when referring to the changes that have occurred, it would not be much different from last year’s SBMPTN. In addition, most likely the registration fee is not much different.

2. Doing UTBK Questions

Later, when you take the UTBK, you will work on two types of questions. The two types of questions are the Scholastic Potential Test (TPS) and the Academic Competency Test (TKA). TPS will contain questions that explore your talents and abilities in the scientific field. Later, your cognitive abilities, reasoning, and general understanding will be measured in TPS.

Meanwhile, TPA contains knowledge and mastery of the material. The questions that arise come from the materials of the science and technology (since) and social humanities clusters.

3. After The Exam, Just Waiting For The Results

The most significant difference in the implementation of this SBMPTN is that you will be notified of the results of the SBMPTN UTBK results. This is different from the previous SBMPTN where you will not get test scores or notify you. You will need the results to register yourself at the State University (PTN) you want. Whether or not you enter the PTN of your dreams will refer to the results of the UTBK SBMPTN results.

If you are not satisfied with your UTBK score, then you are allowed to repeat it once again. Try, when repeating the UTBK, you have learned the maximum. Because the opportunity is given by the SBMPTN committee to repeat only once. So, don’t waste it. In other words, your UTBK score will be the main benchmark for you to be accepted at the PTN of your dreams. For the standard of each PTN regarding the value that must be achieved, there is also not much information.

Thus the review article about Want to study at your favorite Colleges? Apply the following SBMPTN Passing Tips, hopefully useful.


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