What Is Employee Admissions Selection

What Is Employee Admissions Selection – To get the right employees as needed, companies need the right selection. Thus it can be said that the technical aspect of selection is nothing but an effort to get the right people for the right positions.

Therefore, every company must be able to place employees in the right position, namely in positions that are following their respective skills and abilities. If the company pays less attention to selection, this means blocking the way to achieve good work efficiency and hindering the development of company management towards achieving company goals. From the description above, it is clear that the selection Admissions employee recruitment has an important role in achieving company goals.

Definition Of Selection

To get a clearer picture of the meaning of selection, the selection is a series of activity steps used to decide whether an applicant is accepted or not accepted by the company. From the above definition, it can be concluded that employee selection is obtaining the most appropriate employees in quality and quantity from the candidates to be drawn.

Selection Goals

The selection process is to meet the desired requirements with people who will be accepted as employees who can work as expected by the company as stated in the job description so that the motto of The Right Man On The Right Place will become a reality. The purpose of holding employee selection is to get the most appropriate workforce to hold certain positions, this means that these workers can provide achievements to the company. In general, the objectives of selection are:

  • To get employees who meet the requirements and have the required qualities (honest, disciplined, skilled, creative, loyal, and highly dedicated).
  • To measure the ability of prospective employees or applicants, whether they can do certain jobs that are needed.
  • To prepare and form a cadre of employees who can support the company’s activities in the future.

Selection Basic Qualification

Some of the qualifications that form the basis for the selection process in various companies are as follows:


Expertise is classified into three types, namely: Technical Skills (skills possessed by employees), Human Skills (skills possessed by sub-leaders), Conceptual Skills (skills possessed by top management).


An applicant’s work experience should be the main consideration in the selection process. because people who are experienced are prospective employees who are ready to use.

Physical Health

Physical health is important to be able to occupy a position. A person can’t complete his duties properly if he is often sick. The company will be burdened with large maintenance costs.


Education is an indicator that reflects a person’s ability to be able to complete a job. With an educational background, a person is also considered to be able to occupy a certain position.


Honesty is a very important selection qualification because honesty is the key to delegating tasks to someone. The company will not delegate authority to someone dishonest and irresponsible.

Initiative And Creative

This is an important selection qualification because initiative and creativity can make a person independent in completing his work.


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