The Worst Dream Careers That Everyone Wants

The Worst Dream Careers That Everyone Wants – Some people have dream jobs that they say can bring success. Call it musicians, film players, football players, and so on. Yes, those ‘famous’ are indeed rich and successful. But starting a career like that is far from easy. Even in an era like this, certain types of careers are impossible, aka impossible, considering various factors.

Yes, various factors make some types of work the worst choices. Starting from too many competitors, it takes an unreasonable effort, to sometimes bad industry treatment. Well, here are some of the Worst Dream Careers that Turned Out Everyone Wanted but were the worst career hopes.

The Worst Dream Careers That Everyone Wants

1. Musician

We noted that in 2009 there were about 5 million bands in the world, not including solo singers and group vocals. Logically, entering as a newcomer is the same as sharpening coral stone into agate. That is, it takes a very hard effort even tends to be impossible. One of the shortcuts can be through a music competition. Unfortunately, once again, you will be faced with a very large number of competitors.

It’s okay to be a singer and be signed by a major label. But the fee that will be obtained from the label is very little. Of the total album sales, a band will only get 2.88 percent. While solo singers are only about 11.52 percent, according to Techdirt.

2. Acting

It’s good to be an actress or actor, the pay is big and famous too. Yes, that is indeed the case with known records. If you start from scratch, don’t expect much it will be like this. It took more than just hard work to finally get into the film frame. The most obvious evidence is that Brad Pitt wanted to be an actor so much that he was willing to be a driver for strippers or seductive women.

Armed with the title of graduate from the faculty of art will also not be easy to get a job as an actor. In America alone, about 28.5 actors and actresses are out of work. This also makes actors there willing to act for a very small fee. Not until RP. 140,000,000 in a year. If the competition is so fierce out there, maybe in Indonesia itself it is also more or less the same.

3. Novelist

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a novelist just because you can write well? Unfortunately, you have to consider this more carefully. The reason is, making a novel is not the same as working in other writing fields. Novelist work will only cost you a lot of time and other useful things.

Believe that the chance of a novelist to have his work published is only 1 in 50, aka the probability of failure, is enormous. If you have agreed with the publisher, the chances of the bookselling 1 compared to 2 are still vague or very few. Using the services of a professional editor can still attract publishers and readers, but they are also not cheap.

4. Film Or Television Show Crew

Being a film crew is an honor in itself. Especially because his name will appear in a long list of title credits which audiences will rush to abandon once the film is finished. Other than that, there’s nothing really enjoyable about this job.


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