Tips For Choosing The Right College

Tips For Choosing The Right College – In choosing a college, we should not be careless because it will determine the direction of our life in the future. Usually, we are too afraid of not being accepted at our dream college, so we choose a college because we are forced or not according to our wishes. Then what do we need to prepare in choosing the Right College and won’t regret it? Let’s look at the tips.

Consultation With Senior Brother

If you have found several college options that you will go to, then don’t be afraid to ask people who have already entered the college. You can ask how the conditions in the campus area are, what you have to prepare when you enter the campus, how the campus culture is, and much more that you can explore. You can also ask your alumni brother at your school or you can contact students who are studying in college. it through social media.

Perfect Information

Look for a lot of information as your consideration for choosing a major. Find and dig up information from many sources such as parents, siblings, teachers, friends, tutors, neighbors, educational consultants, seniors, student friends, professionals, and so on. Don’t be easily influenced by other people who don’t have enough information or follow your friends or trends.

The internet is also a great and free medium to ask people on it what we want to know. Look for forum sites or chat via messenger with trusted people. All information obtained is summarized and used as material to help choose a major.

Check College Profile

It is important to check the profile of the college before adding it to the list of college choices. You can go to the official website or check the Kemendikbud database. Look for a reliable source. After getting a trusted source, you can check the college’s accreditation, facilities, quality of teaching staff, and other information you want to know.

Customize With Interests

In addition to the quality of the college, you also need to adjust the choice of college to your interests. Make sure that there are study programs at the college that match your interests.

Don’t Just Follow

Choose a college that suits your desires and abilities. Never just follow other friends. Not necessarily what our friends think is suitable will also suit us.

Location And Cost

For people who live in the upper economy, choosing a major will not be a problem. The costs that will have to be borne can be resolved easily both from study expenses, living costs, location of residence, and so on. For the lower-middle class, location and cost are very important issues.

If the available funds are limited, choose a college location that is close to where you live or a location out of town that has a low cost of living. Also, choose a college where the cost of education is not too high. If the available funds are not sufficient, then look for scholarships, waivers, part-time or freelance work, or sponsors to meet your funding needs. Don’t make money as a factor that hinders your future.



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