Steps To Start Career As Beginner Vlogger

Steps To Start Career As Beginner Vlogger – Are you passionate about videography? Well, maybe it’s time for you to try your luck in the world of bloggers who use social media. Being a vl0gger is not just to gain popularity and rupiah coffers. This can train you to keep learning and practicing so that the works you create are honed as well as the quality. For those of you who are still hesitant to try it, maybe the steps to Starting a Career As a Beginner Vlogger can help you.

Steps to Start a Career As a Vlogger

Study And Plan

To start a career as a vlogger, of course, you will not be able to immediately make videos with content that follows other people. At first, you also have to learn how-to formulas for making content go viral, how to use a basic camera or editing techniques, and also learn to make a planner in terms of uploading schedules to drafts containing video titles that you will make.

You can make plans on a monthly or yearly basis to determine the length of your channel. If you want to get serious about this vlogger world, you have to analyze what you are going to do with your videos in 6 months time frame. If you have met the strategy for 6 months, you can make an annual plan. Do you already have subscribers? Is your channel already able to advertise? What will you do if the target is not achieved? Etc.

Prepare The Tools

Does being a vlogger have to have sophisticated and expensive equipment? Of course not! You can create content with a pocket camera or even just use a smartphone camera. Being a vlogger does not need to buy the latest and most capable equipment. Is the reason that not having sophisticated equipment prevents you from working? Of course not as long as it is accompanied by high creativity.

Decide On A Theme

Before making a video, you must know in advance what video you are going to make. Is it about traveling, tutorials, lifestyle, music, culinary, or others? You can’t just follow the current trending theme because you have to adjust it to your preferences.

How to create content if you don’t like it? Of course, the results will be much different if you do it with your heart, not just wanting to go viral. If the theme you like is already ‘market’, there’s no harm in trying it by creating content that’s ‘worth watching’ compared to similar videos. Find out what makes your video more unique than other video vloggers.

Choose A Market Or Segment

In addition to the theme, you also need to determine the segment or market so that your video can be more accepted by the audience. Starting from the editing method to the language you use, you have to be very careful, you know!

Looking For Inspiration

In making videos and becoming a vlogger, at least you have to look at a lot of references so you know the picture in the future. Don’t be lazy to look for inspiration and the latest information. To make videos of good quality, the key is to watch often to train your eyes so you can judge which ones are good and which ones are not.



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