Supplies and Equipment for new Student Admissions

Supplies and Equipment for New Student Admissions – Do you know what preparations for college are? The College world will be quite different from the school days. Without proper college preparation, the first and second semesters at university may make you feel like you’re in a back-and-forth relationship. It surely won’t happen to everybody. But there’s nothing wrong with getting ready to go to college from now on, right? Come on, write down, what equipment for new student Admissions we need to prepare.

1. Stationery

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College stationery is not that far from school stationery. In addition to personal habits, we only need to adjust the needs of college stationery with each major. For example, if during school you used to use notebooks instead of sheet paper and binders, it’s okay if you want to keep using ordinary notebooks as college stationery. But if you study in the Department of Painting or Architecture, for example, you will use drawing books more often than notebooks.

The needs of student college stationery in each department are also different. Architecture students need drawing pencils that Accounting students won’t need, for example. So, there’s no need to use certain college stationery, pal. But usually college stationery includes notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, post-it notes, and others. Just adjust the college stationery that is prepared to suit your individual needs.

2. Laptops

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As one of the items to prepare for college, a laptop is as mandatory as a notebook and a pen, isn’t it? From studying to doing assignments, we will need a laptop. In a way, our IP depends on this one thing – whether we are studying from home during a pandemic or during normal times.

If you are going to study in a major such as Informatics Engineering or Information Systems, a laptop must be one of the mandatory college supplies for new students. The laptops needed by Dance students are different from the laptops needed by Computer Science students. So, adjust the laptop to the needs and budget of each.

3. Text Books

Preparation for this one lecture is a bit unpredictable. Moreover, each lecturer can recommend a different textbook. How should we deal with it, then? You can borrow textbooks from seniors if you know one. Or if not, we save first as preparation for entering college. Later when the time comes to buy textbooks, our budget is ready. Do you know the last trick? Hurry up to the campus library! Borrow the book before the other students.

4. College Clothes

College clothes must also be prepared before entering college? Yes, buddy! Preparation for this one lecture is often neglected by prospective new students. Even though after entering school in uniform all this time, clothes can become quite important college supplies for new students. Preparatory clothes for college can be in the form of shirts, pants or skirts made of cloth, jackets (not alma mater), and others.

Some faculties, such as Medicine or Nursing, require students to wear skirts in the first semesters, but in different campuses, the provisions are different. So different, there are even campuses that allow students to wear t-shirts, denim pants, or wear shoes with an open style (sandals). Each lecturer usually has a different dress code for students. So, don’t forget your outfit in preparation for college.

Thus the review article about Supplies and Equipment for New Student Admissions, hopefully useful.


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