Want To Build A Brilliant Career? Ask Yourself This

Want To Build A Brilliant Career? Ask Yourself This – Having a brilliant career is everyone’s dream. However, in fact, it is not uncommon for some people to get stuck in their current careers. That’s because they are in the old work rules. They are struggling to find work or are trying to advance their current career. This is because they have not realized that the global economy and workforce have changed, but they have not been able to adapt.

Nowadays, just doing work is not enough, you have to constantly expand roles, learn new skills, and expand connections that remain relevant. Career development is about how you proactively direct your career forward. Have you ever thought, why do people often change jobs?

Changing jobs is done for various reasons, such as aiming for a higher salary, developing a career quickly, or looking for suitable company culture. Although there are many pros and cons about someone who often changes jobs, it turns out that there are many lessons that can be taken. When did you want to Build a Brilliant Career? Ask yourself this.

Ask Yourself This

How Competent Am I?

To what extent do you find the meaning and purpose of a job? Values ​​are something you consider important and the key to feeling fulfilled. Values ​​include collaboration, impact, fairness, adventure, recognition, creativity, and security. Expressing your values ​​at work has the potential to increase satisfaction and performance. Core values ​​usually don’t change over time, but what does change is the relative importance of those values.

You can discuss these questions with your manager. This is useful for finding ways to express more values ​​in the workplace or inform the type of project or role you want to pursue. Both inside and outside the organization simultaneously.

How Can I Learn And Develop?

Learning can bring an immediate sense of accomplishment. To what extent have you built competence or expertise in your sector? Often, we don’t realize how much we have learned until we need to teach others about the job.

Learning can be done in various forms. For example, diligently attending conferences, taking courses, reading books, observing others, meeting mentors, experimenting with new thought patterns and behaviors, or reflecting on the challenges and progress you’ve made.

What Do I Need To Plant Now?

Career success is often the cumulative effect of small, regular actions, which can be called “planting seeds”. Seeds planted today can germinate two months from now, even to an undetermined time limit. Switching career paths, or simply trying to get a promotion, is a long and daunting road to success.

What Kind of Relationship Do I Need to Build?

Relationships or connections are very important to success. Networking is expected to build a long-term mutual relationship. Therefore, the benefits will be obtained if we have extensive networking in the professional realm. Networking also helps us to meet potential mentors, partners, clients, to get access to the resources needed for career development.

Currently, networking can be done simply by surfing on social media. You can also optimize personal branding through social media. Social media can be a great power for job hunters to make it easier to build personal branding if we use it well. Consistency is key if someone wants to build their personal brand.


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