Tips for Passing the Dream Colleges Independent Examination

Tips for Passing the Dream Colleges Independent Examination – You haven’t had the opportunity to study via the SBMPTN route, you guys? Don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to take the independent exam at the campus of your dreams. Studying this path makes it easier for you to get the major you want without having to compete as hard as the SBMPTN.


What are the tips for passing the independent exam to enter PTN? In general, the grades offered through this route are certainly lower than the SBMPTN, although perhaps the quality of the questions is not much different. This means that your chances of passing this exam will be much greater. Then how to make it easier to pass the independent entrance exam? Here are tips for passing the dream Colleges independent exam.


1. Study the SBMPTN Exam Materials


Currently, there are indeed many campuses that use standardized SBMPTN scores to measure or make selection materials for students who register on the independent path, but there are still many campuses that still make written test entrance exams on campus. Usually, the quality of the exam given is almost similar to the SBMPTN exam questions that you just took.


So, as a standard test material, you can study with the existing SBMPTN material. Usually, the only difference is the grade and the number of competitors taking the chosen major. The self-examination questions to enter PTN can be the same as the SBMPTN questions.


2. Looking for Majors with the Most Opportunities


If you haven’t succeeded in SBMPTN, try lowering the grade and opportunities for the chosen major. Look again at the number of enthusiasts and seats at your favorite campus. This method can be done to increase your chances of being accepted during the independent pathway test. The major you choose will be very decisive. Strategies for how you find a major with a small number of enthusiasts and a large number of student seats available.


3. Exploring Information About the Targeted Campus and Majors



To ensure your chances of being accepted into the desired major, there’s nothing wrong with asking seniors who may have studied in that department first. Ask about the opportunities and grades of the major, the prospects for the major, and how the conditions of the campus that you might have imagined so far are perfect. Advice from seniors who have previously studied in the department will be important for you to decide whether to continue in that department or not.


4. Quality Private Campus, Why Not?



So far, you may have been adamant in wanting to enter your favorite State Universities. However, there’s nothing wrong with looking at quality private campuses that do offer quality skills to their graduates.


The problem of studying at private campuses is usually a matter of funds, but now this is no longer a problem because many educational fund lending institutions are ready to help. Taking the private campus independent entrance exam also provides a greater chance of passing for you.


5. Stay Serious And Don’t Take It Lightly


Although the self-examination offers that the competition is not as tight as the college national examination, you should not underestimate this exam. Be optimistic and stay serious about it, do the best preparation to answer the various types of questions that have been studied. Study all types of questions, estimate the chances of interest from the major you take. Keep serious about academic preparation.


Thus the review article about Tips for Passing the Dream Colleges Independent Examination, hopefully useful.


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