Tips For New Student Admission During The Covid-19 Period

Tips For New Student Admission During The Covid-19 Period – The current conditions in Indonesia regarding the extension of the Covid-19 Emergency Status have a significant impact on all aspects of our lives, including the education sector. This situation will certainly have a big impact on various campus activities, one of which is the New Student Admission process as the campus’ routine agenda to get new students.

Restrictions on activities outside the home and an appeal, staying at home to limit the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic will certainly greatly hamper conventional promotion and registration methods, if the campus management is not responsive and does not immediately make the right decisions in the current situation.

It can be predicted that a significant decline will occur. a significant number of new students entering the university in the coming new academic year. How should the campus face this challenge? Here are some tips that you can use:

Digital Marketing Promotion

Conventional promotion methods such as distributing brochures, visits to schools, or educational exhibitions are very irrelevant at this time, all schools and colleges temporarily stop their routine activities from being replaced by online or online learning systems.

But do not worry, because there is always another way to achieve a goal. The best way now is to use Digital Marketing promotions, including interesting websites and clear information about your campus, create content with interesting pictures, quality articles, and creative videos, optimize social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Simple And Fast Registration

How to register through filling out a paper form and then submit it to the PMB committee is impossible in the current situation, even using the google form is not sufficient to provide fast service so that prospective students don’t have to move to another heart before the PMB committee can follow-up them via a reply to emails or phone calls of prospective students one by one.

After prospective students are interested in your campus promotion, provide a simple and fast registration method. Do not be confused by filling in too much data in the early stages. And make sure the registration process is directly connected automatically with the payment of the registration fee.

Practical Payment Method

One of the big problems with the conventional new student admissions system is the payment method, making it difficult for prospective students to pay the registration fee. After completing and submitting a form that contains a lot and is tedious when filling out, prospective students must wait for the pay code or campus PMB account number, then pay at the designated bank account and then report back manually to the committee.

Except for a few well-known campuses such as Itb, Ui, Ugm, and other well-known campuses. At this stage, there are quite a several prospective students who fail to register and choose to transfer to another campus because they are invited by friends or other factors.

We recommend providing a convenient payment method. Prospective students should not be confused and difficult during the payment process, deposit manually and then manually report back the proof of payment. Provide many online payment channel options such as multiple bank account options, payments via internet banking or mobile banking, all Atm, post offices, modern shops, and automatic payment status updates.


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