The Best Way Of Admissions Destiny

The Best Way Of Admissions DestinyAdmissions of destiny in KBBI is defined as God’s decree or God’s provision. However, this does not mean that destiny will come without any element of human effort. The man by God is given the task to try. God is in charge of judging whether the human effort is successful or not.

Often when the efforts made by humans are not successful, they will feel disappointed. Not infrequently this has an impact on negative thinking attitudes towards God. For example, think that God is unfair. In phases like this, humans need to do the following. So that whatever happened to him, including the fate he said was bad, could be a beautiful thing at the best of times.

Understand The True Meaning Of Destiny

The word destiny is still being debated, especially by religious circles. Destiny doesn’t just come. People often think that destiny is a curse from God for certain servants. That’s not the case though. There are some things we can’t choose in this world. For example, gender and when we will die.

Then it is different from some other things. For example, where will we study and where will we work? We can choose these two things and of course, try. If one day we are accepted by the dream campus, then it is all thanks to our hard work and prayers. When you try hard but are not accepted, that’s where the true meaning of destiny is. It is at such moments that it is our duty to do the other five ways. Through the concept of destiny in life, then it is not a place for humans not to try.

Don’t Blame Other People, Especially God

When something bad happens to us, it’s very easy to end up thinking that God is unfair. As a result, we are lazy to worship and tend to be lazy to make other efforts. There is no net in the net to continue to find fault with others. “If only A had not been like this, I would have succeeded”.

“If only A had sacrificed more for me, I certainly would not have failed like this.”Remember, whatever happens to us is the fruit of our attitude of responsibility. We are responsible for ourselves. No one else should be responsible for us. So stop blaming other people, let alone God.

Do Some Introspection

We need to introspect after doing anything. In addition, it is useful for measuring whether something we are doing is effective and efficient or vice versa. It is also very important to think of other better ways. An unsuccessful endeavor is not a failure. It was just a wise incident. Not infrequently after someone fails to do something, he becomes more aware of which way is wrong and which way is right. Set aside a little time to introspect on whatever befalls us. It could be the fruit of the mistakes we made.

Always Be Thankful

In addition to trying, the task of humans is to be grateful. In fact, the most important thing to do when you get something is to be grateful for it. Although it looks not good to us, but wait a while. All will be seen that whatever befalls us is obligatory to be grateful for.


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