Some Things During Student Admissions

Don’t be surprised after graduating from high school, you’ll be living with a new schedule. Unlike in schools that provide a fixed schedule every day, when you go to college you will find an irregular schedule. Some lectures are given in the morning, but some start in the afternoon after a long break. It takes self-discipline and strong motivation to complete studies on time. Because, in the world of lectures, there are no teachers who will scold you when you are truant.

Experience as a new student will certainly affect the various preparations you have to do, especially things related to lecture activities. It takes extra time to make a list of necessities for shopping. Don’t let your lecture activities be interrupted because you forget to prepare important things for college. What are the preparations for new student Admissions? Here’s the information.


You need to make a list of stationery needs for college before the lecture starts. Standard stationery for students such as pens, erasers, and books, of course, must be included in the list. In addition, you can add to it with sticky notes, a small book to note assignments, highlighters, markers, and other supporting stationery. To make it tidier, put the stationery in a pencil case.

The problem that is often faced by students when bringing stationery is to lose it, either because it is left behind or because it is not returned by a friend after being borrowed. When leaving for college, the pencil case is complete. But, when the lecture was over, the pencil case was empty. To anticipate this, put a name label on every stationery you have along with a cellphone number. When your stationery is accidentally carried by a friend or has not been returned, they will have no trouble contacting you.

ATM and M-Banking

As a new student, you need to have your ATM and account number to make it easier for parents to send monthly money. In addition, you will have no difficulty transacting. Don’t forget to activate mobile banking (m-banking) to facilitate transactions and check balances. You can also save time by transacting via gadgets instead of coming to an ATM. If you don’t have a personal account, you don’t need to worry. Currently opening a bank account can be done online as long as you already have an e-KTP.

College Clothes

Clothes for college will be very different from clothes when you were in high school. There is no special uniform, so you will be free to wear the clothes you like as long as they are polite and neat. Make sure in advance the rules set at your campus regarding the use of college clothes. To be safer, you can wear batik shirts and clothes.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too short and tight while on campus. You can work around the limited clothes during college by mixing and matching. Mix and match the clothes you have, so your appearance will always be different without having to buy new clothes every month.

Emergency Fund

Financial problems for new students are very possible. For example, when you are sick or have to pay tuition fees suddenly, you don’t have enough funds. Often borrowing money from boarding friends does not produce results. On the other hand, you also cannot ask your parents for money due to certain conditions.

Thus the review article about Some Things During Student Admissions, hopefully useful.


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