The Steps In Developing A Career Plan for your Future

The Steps In Developing A Career Plan – Career planning is a plan about the possibility of an employee in an organization or company as an individual towards the process of promotion or position according to his requirements and abilities.

Through career planning, each individual evaluates his or her abilities and interests, considers alternative career opportunities, sets career goals, and also plans practical development activities. The steps in Developing A Career Plan consist of the following:

1. Develop A Vision From Now On That Can Start From A Dream

If the company has a vision and mission, then employees must also have a vision. This vision can start from a dream to be achieved. Referring to the Cambridge Dictionary review, vision is a view of the future. So if you want to create a vision, you must be able to imagine yourself in the future, 5 to 10 years into the future.

Vision is a guide where to go in the future. You have to be observant in making a vision, don’t be like choosing clothes that will be used today that can change clothes. The vision has to be specific, and you need to test it to see if it’s really what you want in the future. Vision can change but not too often that results in not focusing or even failing to achieve it.

2. Start Knowing Yourself, Don’t Focus On Weaknesses, Keep Pushing For Strengths

Seeing these strengths and weaknesses is not easy. Sometimes other people understand us better because of our ego to desire that is not in the area where we are talented. To be able to find out the advantages and disadvantages possessed but objectively can ask for opinions from some close friends. Take note of what they say about your strengths and weaknesses.

Even if the opinion of the friend you ask for input does not match your beliefs, just accept it all. You are the one who has to take on more roles to know your strengths and weaknesses because you should be the one who understands yourself the most.

3. Review Past Achievements, Accelerate Successful Fields, Don’t Focus On Failure

In work or activity, make success for success a habit to be proud of. Every time there is a failure, evaluate it for a moment and forget it immediately, but if you have success, a thorough evaluation so that you can repeat it in the future with even more glory.

It’s a good idea to record every award or achievement you’ve ever received while working. This record of achievement can be useful when looking for a new job or career. In addition to making a resume or CV more attractive, a record of achievements is also useful for future career planning.

4. Focus And Continue To Improve The Skills Mastered

Skills usually go hand in hand with interests. There’s nothing wrong with taking note of the skills you have mastered to plan for the future better. Skills do not need to be many, the important thing is to be an expert in one field of interest, for example, writing skills for reporter work, besides the ability to observe, interview, investigate, write, edit, and so on.


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