The Factors That Influence One’s Career Success

The Factors That Influence One’s Career Success – Success is hope for everyone, of course, who doesn’t want to get a successful career in life. Often job seekers ask the question, how and what kind of employers are looking for workers for their companies?

Of course, questions like this have different answers, according to the position in need. However, there are usually some general standards that employers look for in all employees, whether the employee is a chef, waiter, manager, ect. The following are some of the factors that influence One’s Career Success.

1. Have Basic Skills Such As Reading, Writing, And Counting!

Believe it or not, most high school graduates (and some college graduates) cannot read. Employers are looking for employees who can read well, can write coherently, and can calculate math in a business environment (fractions, percentages, etc.).

Add basic modern skills such as basic computer knowledge skills, and the ability to use Most computerized tools (such as fax machines, basic word processing programs, etc.) to complete the basic skill set required for successful hiring.

2. Personal Skills

Can prospective employees communicate properly and correctly? Can you answer customer questions in a positive and informative way? Can employees provide good customer service? Although not everyone has sales and marketing skills.

Successful employees can communicate in a positive and non-confrontational way with coworkers, team members, subordinates, management, and customers. The ability to work well with others is an essential skill for success in any job.

3. Work Experience

Finding a job is a process that requires a lot of dedication and attention to be successful. If you put in a bad effort, you will receive a bad result. Employers are looking for employees who know how to present themselves positively and who demonstrate enthusiasm and knowledge about the company they work for. Candidates are not only evaluated based on their skills and experience but also how they achieve more achievements and achievements than other employees.

4. Your Endurance In A Job

Some so many employees have been laid off with many factors behind it. This layoff is not only a matter of numbers but how someone’s performance in the company is. Employees who consistently demonstrate their value, take the initiative.

And making themselves a valuable asset of the company has less potential for layoffs than employees who put in a mediocre effort at their jobs. Staying within the company from layoffs or moving up the career ladder is a successful skill that successful professionals learn and practice.

5. Ready For Professional Technological Development

The world of work today must keep pace with the rapid development of technology. With this rapid development, competition in the world of work is also very tough and tight. If you are not ready to accept and do not thrive on this current, you will be left behind.

Seeking new skills, applying new concepts, and updating existing skills are absolute necessities for success in today’s world of work. Successful people are people who want to learn their whole life. Entrepreneurs are looking for people who have the passion to continuously develop themselves as needed to meet their needs.


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