Tips for Passing the Colleges Entrance Interview Test

Tips for Passing the Colleges Entrance Interview Test – You guys, how are you preparing to enter Colleges? In addition to preparing for a written test, don’t forget, you must also be prepared for an interview to enter college. The interview test cannot be taken lightly, you guys. Especially if you are enrolled in an official school.

The preparation must be more optimal so that the expectation of acceptance is higher. For those of you who are preparing for the college interview test, here are some great tips that you can check out.

1. Finding Out the Estimated List of Questions and Preparing the Answers

You can find out what to ask during a college entrance interview from alumni or experienced people. You can also search on the internet. There are many sources that you can use. Not only examples of interviews in Indonesian, but you can also even easily find examples of college entrance interview tests in English.

By knowing the approximate list of questions, you can prepare answers in advance. You can be more confident and not confused in answering. The interview questions and answers for S2 and S1 are not much different. Maybe for the master’s program, the context of the question is more complex, and a more weighty answer is required. However, it’s the same. The interviewer will want to know about you.

2. Prepare Answers. If Needed, Written!

Make sure the answer you prepare is not long-winded, not too simple, and the answer is relevant to what was asked. You can research in advance about things around campus and majors. Make sure every statement that comes out of your mouth is not arbitrary.

Answer honestly, don’t make it up. You should write answers to every question that may arise. When writing answers, you can at the same time compose sentences that are appropriate and appropriate. You can also compose a more compact answer. Writing down the answer preparation can also make it easier for you to memorize.

3. Doing Basic Preparation Before Interview

This college interview tip may sound cliché. However, this is still important for you to pay attention to. Before leaving for the interview, don’t forget to do some basic preparation. Pray first and ask for the blessing of your parents so that your path goes smoothly. Don’t forget to have breakfast too, especially if you have an ulcer. You can also bring a bag of bread just in case the interview lasts a long time and ends at noon.

Interviews on an empty stomach can make concentration disperse. The stomach is full, the heart is of course much calmer. You don’t want it, do you, during the interview, a squeaking sound comes from the stomach. You also have to pay attention to your appearance during the interview. Choose the neatest clothes in the closet. If there are provisions from the campus, just follow them according to the provisions, there is no need to be pretentious.

Also, make sure your clothes are ironed so they don’t wrinkle. You better get your hair cut before facing the interview. If you love your long hair, try to comb your hair neatly. You have to look good too. Use deodorant and perfume in moderation. Don’t let the interviewer give you a bad impression because of an unpleasant smell from your body.

This the review article about Tips for Passing the Colleges Entrance Interview Test, hopefully useful.


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